Beef Ambassador Contest

The 2017 Beef Ambassador Contest will took place on June 8, 2017 at the Grady County Fairgrounds in Chickasha, OK. Thank you to all of our wonderful contestants and volunteers that made this year a success!

This is a statewide competition open to Oklahoma youth from ages 9 to those Undergraduates at any state university. The contest is held in June at the Grady County Fairgrounds in conjunction with the Oklahoma Junior Cattlemen’s Preview Show.

Mission:  To train spokespersons for the beef industry, by providing an opportunity for youth to   educate consumers and youth about beef nutrition, food safety and stewardship practices of the beef industry.

Competition:  There will be two areas of competition.

1.  Media Interview – the contestant will participate in a mock media interview.  The interviewer will ask pre-determined questions with the option to ask follow-up questions.  A panel of judges will observe the interaction for knowledge, articulation, poise and the contestant’s ability to “Tell the Beef Production Story” and present the beef industry positively.

2.  Consumer Promotion – A mock consumer promotion event will be set up for the contestants.  Each contestant will be provided a beef “sample” to serve as well as industry production and nutrition literature and recipe pamphlets.  “Consumers” will approach the table and ask questions to determine the contestant’s knowledge, ability to perform in the field and positive representation of the beef industry.  A panel of judges will also observe each contestant on ability to educate the consumer and provide consumers with appropriate information. (A packet of the materials and a copy of the packaging for the sample will be provided to you after your entry is received).

Age Divisions: 

Novice Contestants:  Age 9-12 by January 1st and not yet reached their 13th birthday.

Junior Contestants: Age 13-18 by September 1st and not yet reached their 18th birthday

Senior Contestants:  Must be at least 18 but not having completed Undergraduate degrees from any state university.

Prizes: Cash awards

Novice & Junior divisions:
1st place, $100,
2nd place, $75
3rd place, $50

Senior Division:
1st place, $700
2nd place,  $200
3rd place – $100

For more information about this contest contact:
Becca Lasich, OCW Beef Ambassador Co-Chair, 405-596-2518,

Contest Resources

Sponsored by: The Oklahoma Beef Check-Off

Hosted by: Oklahoma CattleWomen, Inc.


2016 Contest Winners

Senior Division Winner: Will Shelby with CattleWomen Becca Lasich and Tammi Didlot.

Junior Division Winners from R-L: First Place – Blake Heinrichs, Second Place – Seth Stone and Third Place – Morgan Valliere. Pictured with CattleWomen Becca Lasich and Tammi Didlot.

Novice Division Winners R-L: First Place – Jake Heinrichs, Second Place – Alyssa Worthington, and Third Place – Ethan Stone with CattleWomen Becca Lasich and Tammi Didlot.