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Oklahoma Beef Advocate Contest

This is a statewide competition open to Oklahoma youth from grades 5th – 12th. The 2023 contest was held on Friday, April 14th, immediately following the Commercial Cattle Grading Scholarship Contest.

Congratulations to each of our 2022 winners!

2022 Senior Division Winners:

First Place: Morley Griffith- Shawnee

Second Place: Bridger Arrington – Mulhall

Third Place: Blake Janssen - Amber

2022 Junior Division Winners:

First Place: Jade McPeak - Checotah

Second Place: Kade Henrichs - Okarche

Third Place: Kaitlin Adams - Amber

Competition:  There will be two mock interactions.

1.  Media – the contestant will participate in a mock media interview.  The interviewer will ask pre-determined questions with the option to ask follow-up questions.  A panel of judges will observe the interaction for knowledge, articulation, poise and the contestant’s ability to explain beef production and present the beef community in a positive manner.  Your understanding of some of the general information about how cattle are raised, cared for and good for you will be extremely helpful.  The judges will be looking for you to share your story whether you raise cattle or not.  Just your knowledge of beef and how it affects your life. You may just like to eat it and that is OK.  Then your focus will be on nutrition and how to cook it to a safe temperature for eating.  Life ground beef is safe and savory at 165 degrees.  Knowing what a beef advocate is will be helpful.  

2.  Peer – A staged conversation between contestant and his/her peer which includes beef production and/or nutrition.   A panel of judges will observe each contestant on their ability to relay to their peers appropriate and accurate information regarding beef community and beef nutrition.  The same information above applies here; however, this conversation will be more personal versus what you would say to a reporter.  These judges will be looking for more in depth answers and a greater comfort level since you are talking to your friends or their parents.

Junior Contestants: Current grade 5th -8th

Senior Contestants:  Current grade 9th-12th

Resources or places to review:

Raising Beef (  

There are several segments within this site that will be helpful.  Pay particular attention to "Better Beef" and "Healthier Animals"; however, each of these segments offer great information and tips.

Additional information on nutrition and cuts can be found on the site: Beef FAQ's ( 

Sponsored by the Oklahoma Beef Council


ANCW's Collegiate Beef Advocacy Program was created for beef industry advocates interested in bridging the gap between the farm and the fork. This program connects the Collegiate leaders to the beef industry where they can have unlimited access to leadership, their peers, cattlemen and cattlewomen and beef industry professionals. They will grow as individuals, strengthen their leadership skills and establish networks.

So an advocate helps to bridge the gap between the farm and the fork.  In other words help to show where our food comes from!

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